Spicy Chicken, Broccoli & Avocado


Spicy Chicken, Broccoli & Avocado

This plate combines the best flavors textures and spices

The chicken is juicy, tender and smokey spicy, the lettuce gives you a delicious crisp,
wet solid crunch while the broccoli is soft and crazy spicy.
To finish the whole mouth pleasing palette is a creamy,
homemade guacamole that cools the whole mouth down after bite.

Wheww, that was quite poetic for a plate of food that took me about 10  minuets to make!

Ya…. 10 minuets, and here is how…..

Mesquite Chicken, Sweet Potato, Spinahc & Cucumber Salad
<– Baked Mesquite Chicken, Steamed Sweet Potato, Spinach & Cucumber Salad

Reference my recipe here because….I already had on hand marinated and
completely cooked mesquite chicken from this meal!

Easy, Peasy, Lemon Squeezy
(my favorite chemistry professor’s often used phrase)



            <– Homemade Fresh Guacamole

                   The previous night I had my Fiesta Lime Hoo-Ra Feast which meant, I had
delicious guacamole left over!

One more piece of dinner already completed!!



I ALWAYS have lettuce washed and sitting in my vegetable crisper so all I had to was grab a couple leaves and toss them on me plate.

The only plated item left to prepare is the spicy broccoli.
I had frozen broccoli stems and florets waiting in my freezer. Yay!

Spicy Oven Roasted Broccoli

Pre-Heat your oven to 350 degrees.
Give your veggies a rinse and spread them on a foil covered baking pan.
Liberally spray with non-stick spray
Sprinkle with McCormick Mesquite Seasoning, Cayenne Pepper, and Chilli Powder
Slide your broccoli into the oven and set your timer for 15 minutes. [ Bake time is individualized, just keep on eye on it and take out when broccoli is as soft or as crispy as you like it].

While your broccoli does it’s thing microwave your chicken, then drop it on top of your lettuce leaves. Place the remainder of your guacamole right next to chicken on your awesome zebra striped plate.
By now your broccoli should be done and you can slide it right onto your plate.

Told you it was quick…….


Meal Nutritional Information
   ½ Chicken Breast (skinless) 60 calories
   ½ Avocado (guacamole) 114 calories
   3 Stemmed Lettuce Leaves 5 calories
   2/3 cup Broccoli 36 calories
Total 215 caloriesHare Nutrition Logo

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