Breakfast in a Hare Flash!


Need a super quick breakfast? Chop up a pear, peel a clementine, throw them both in a bowl with some cottage cheese.

Nutritional InformationPear, Clementine, Cottage Cheese

3 Tbsp Cottage Cheese                      36 calories
1 clementine                                          35 calories
1 Medium Green Pear                          96 calories

Another quick option; stir together peanut butter, Greek yogurt and cinnamon toss with a sliced fresh apple

Nutritional InformationApple, Yogurt, Peanut Butter and Cinnamon

1 Apple                                                   95 calories
1 Tbsp Laura Scudder’s
Organic Smooth PB                           105 calories
2 Tbsp plain Greek non-fat
Yogurt                                                    18 calories
Sprinkle Cinnamon Spice



Both of these options can be sliced up, spooned out, stirred together and ready to eat in 5 minuets (or less) flat.
Delicious, healthy, and quick!

Enjoy – Love T & H BodyHare Nutrition Logo


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