Minestrone Tofu Soup


Thick. Hearty. SOUP!

A couple weeks back I was wandering around shopping at the mall….girl gotta have cute clothes…when I got hungry (dun, dun, dun).

Since I was still on my month long eating challenge; no-sugar, no-grains, no-processed, low-calorie, I thought it would be slightly challenging to find something to eat in a mall food court.

It wasn’t!

Ever heard of SoupMan? Well I hadn’t, but I had their vegetable minestrone soup and was completely SOLD!

It was so good and very filling. Having this super tasty and filling soup made me want to make my own.

Problem. I’ve never made soup. Ever. I’ve eaten crazy tons of soup but…haven’t made any.

Well….Check my results….

Minestrone Tofu Soup

May I pat myself on the back? Did and done.

I did a bunch of research trying to figure out the best way to make minestrone; lots of people had lots of opinions, methods, ingredients etc…

It got confusing, quick.

So I decided just to wing it.


My roommate tried and said it was delicious. So the soup Wins!

Make It


  • 8 cups Tap Water ————————–0 calories
  • Chicken Bouillon —————————30 calories
  • 6 oz. Tofu ———————————–140 calories
  • 1 1/2 cups Broccoflower——— ——— 37 calories
  • 2 cups Carrots ——————————104 calories
  • 3 Garlic cloves —————————–13 calories
  • 2 medium Tomatoes ———————-44 calories
  • 2 medium Celery stalks ——————-13 calories
  • 1/2 Eggplant (male) ———————–54 calories
  • 2 tsp Basil ———————————–7 calories
  • 2 tsp Oregano ——————————-9 calories
  • 4 tsp Parsley ——————————–5 calories
  • 1 tsp Cayenne Pepper ———————-5 calories
  • 2 tsp Black Pepper ————————-10 calories
    • YIELDS 5 Cups of Soup ———–477 calories
    • SERVING 1 cup ——————–95.4 calories


Press your Tofu and dry your Eggplant.

I pressed my Tofu and sprinkled liberally with Garlic Powder.

While your Tofu and Eggplant are drying prep your vegetables.

Chop them up.

Size is up to you but I left mine a pretty decent size; I didn’t feel like doing a lot of chopping and I figured they would reduce down during cooking (didn’t want tiny mushy nothing veggies in my soup)

I didn’t stick to an exact science while boiling my veggies, but I recommend starting with your ‘harder’ ones first. I did carrots first, then celery, garlic, broccoflower, tomatoes, eggplant.


At this point I dumped all my spices in and let the pot simmer and simmer.

.Minestrone Soup


TofuWhile the veggies simmered away in the broth I took my Tofu and pan browned them over medium heat.

No oil, just a couple minutes, turning the pieces until the sides are a nice light brown. My thoughts on adding this step was that it would help the Tofu hold up in the soup and not break apart.





Minestrone SoupDump your eggplant and your Tofu into your soup.

Cover and simmer over medium heat.

I didn’t really time how long I let it go, I kept lifting the lid and checking on it. I wanted the soup to have a dark color to the broth and thicken up a little bit.

Check out those big, delicious and nutritious  chunks!

And didn’t I capture that steam nicely?

Makes your want to lean over and sniff the photo!

Since you weren’t there I’ll let you know….it smelled AMAZING!

When you are satisfied with the color and consistency of your soup call it done.


Finished Minestrone

Check out my finished soup.

It was delicious, hot with a good spice kick to it. Full of chunky, healthy veggies and tasty chewy Tofu pieces.

This soup is heavy enough to serve as a dinner meal but I’ve been eating is for lunch all week.

I portioned it out after it finished cooking and heating it up for a delicious workday lunch hour meal.

Add a side of salad and you are set!

The weather has been decent recently so I even got to sit outside and soak up some sunshine while eating.

Soup, Salad & Sunshine! Can't get much better!

Soup, Salad & Sunshine! Can’t get much better!

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