Confession Session


Confessions of a Cooking Disaster Maker

Oh so many mistakes, mess-ups, and gross meals…..


Its not all successful recipes, tons of mistakes, so….. I feel I should come clean about the recipes we tried, and murdered…..

Squash / Zucchini Chips

– Tried these on the same night that we made the plantain chips. The sad, sad results were little scraps of vegetables that were alternately burnt to a black crisp of left raw and limp. We adjusted the bake time and temp but still didn’t reach success. Something to go back to the drawing board on….

Plantain Cookies

My thoughts on how to make these better next time:

  • Use a banana, not a plantain
  • Pulse dry ingredients together in blender for smoother batter consistency
  • Add more tapioca flour and less oatmeal
  • Add some lemon juice and baking powder/soda to give rise and create a more ‘cookie’ texture

Grain-less Bread

– Attempted to make a ‘bread’ from; Flax Seed, cottage cheese, whipped Egg Whites, baking soda, lemon juice, sweet potato, salt and baking powder. It wasn’t great. Difficult to get them to cook through. No matter how thin I made them or how long I cooked them they always had a raw and wet texture to the center of them.

Cauliflower Bread

– The story is long, very long. I spent many hours in the kitchen destroying this. But basically it was my first attempt at cauliflower (anything) and I ended up with a bunch of cocoa flavored cauliflower paste in muffin cups in the freezer. One might call the results edible, but not really. I’ve got some thoughts on how to re-approach the cauliflower bread idea now that I’ve conquered the cauliflower pizza crust.

Kale Chips

– This one my girl had no hand in helping me destroy. I’m not giving up totally on this idea. I’ll address that disaster later 🙂

They were burned and overly garlic and just….GROSS!

Banana & Egg ‘Pancakes’

– There are a lot of recipes out there for 2 ingredient pancake replacements. I tried. It wasn’t good, but I have some ideas for follow up recipes modifications that might work. | positive thinking |

Below is one my second attempts, I added more ingredients but….still not great.


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