Squash Attack!




So guess what?

I just happen to work at a pretty awesome place…..with….some pretty amazing people.

These amazing co-workers happen to do a little gardening on the side….AND….they brought me crazy tons of Squash and Zucchini!

Not only did I score a buttload of veggies but they were all HUGE! Seriously I should have stuck my hand in the frame to give you guys a point of reference. Especially the Zucchini, straight gargantuan!

With all the squash and zucchini flying at me I started coming up with some new recipes and tasty dishes to use them.

Check out my week of  Squash Attack Meals!

Zucchini & Squash Pizza

Squash & Zucchini Pizza

Heads up this recipe is NOT low-calorie.

It just so happened to be Friday night, and I just so happened to want pizza. Also as much as I love, love, love my friends they seriously need to space their birthdays out more! A month of solid birthday celebrations had sucked my bank account Sahara dry! With the shortage on mula I was digging to the back of my freezer and getting creative with what I already had versus buying new stuff.

Squash, Zucchini and Tomato Puree are low calorie; lets introduce the not-so-low-calorie-ingredients.

Paratha; delicious, slightly greasy, very dense with a great grain flavor. Describing it would be like 5 tortillas packed and stacked together. If you rip a paratha you can see multiple layers inside and its got a pretty thick hold to it. However… its about 280 calories for one piece. A piece which I feel is on the smaller side.

If you’ve never tried Paratha before; stop by any grocery store that has a varied international section or an Indian grocery.

Parmesan; I’m not a huge cheese fan/user and when I do buy cheese I always buy based on the calories per serving. This cheese was chilling in the fridge drawer from a past roommate who decided to leave their cheese behind (more for me and made my ‘free’ meal even free-er.  But this Parmesan cheese sneaks in quite a bit of calories, for only 1/4 cup 110 calories. Ouch.

Well….. It was FRIDAY FREAK MEAL 🙂


1 Paratha ——————————280 Calories
1/4 cup Parmesan Cheese———–110 Calories
1/2 cup Zucchini———————-11 Calories
1/2 cup Squash————————20 Calories
1/4 cup Tomato Puree—————-30 Calories
Spices: Basil, Thyme, Parsley, Garlic, Onion

Total 1 Pizza—————————-451 Calories


Start off by tossing your sliced zucchini and squash with a portion of your tomato sauce and spices.

Spread evenly on a baking sheet and roast in the oven at 350 degrees for about 15 – 20 minutes.

Spread your remaining tomato sauce on your Paratha, evenly distribute your roasted squash and zucchini and top with your cheese.

Place back in your oven until everything is toast and melty and delicious.


Notice how quickly it goes from the whole pizza to the half pizza?


Thats because I ate it, because….it’s GOOD!


Squash Salad

Squash Salad

The next thing I made with my cache of Squash is super basic but one of my favorites; Salad!

I made a HUGE bowl of squash salad and portioned out about 6 separate servings to take to work, have for dinner etc…

This particular one I dressed up with a pickle spear, pickle juice, cottage cheese and edamame beans. Delish!


1 portion Squash Salad——————-36 Calories
3 Tbsp Cottage Cheese——————–37 Calories
1 Tbsp Edamame Beans——————-38 Calories
1 Dill Pickle Spear————————–4Calories
1/2 Oz Pickle Juice————————-0 Calories

Total Salad———————————-115 Calories

Squash Salad SMOOTHIE

SAY WHAT?!Squash Smoothie

Ya, I don’t like to waste food, so….

When I didn’t eat my squash salad quick enough I had a final portion that was on the edge of going bad I ‘saved’ it!

View my 'Bad Salad'

View my ‘Bad Salad’



1 portion Squash Salad————————36 Calories
1 cup Pineapple (100% juice)—————140 Calories
1/2 cup Unsweetened Almond Milk——–15 Calories
1/2 cup Unsweetened Apple Sauce———50 Calories
1 Tbsp Unsweetened Dried Coconut——–35 Calories
1 Tbsp Splenda/Sweetener——————-0 Calories
1/8 tsp Imitation Vanilla———————0 Calories
1/8 tsp Imitation Coconut Flavoring——-0 Calories

Makes 3 Servings——————————277 Calories
1 Smoothie—————————————92 Calories


Gather all your ingredients, dump them all in the blender. Blend, blend, blend. Taste. Add some ice cubes. Done!

Serve and Enjoy!Squash Smoothie

With three servings I froze my other two and throughout the week tucked a frozen smoothie in with my lunch as I left the house.

Usually a little before noon and my afternoon gym session the smoothie would be thawed enough for me to eat it with a spoon or I would have the smoothie after the gym and it would be really thawed and I pop a straw in it.

Tasty treat at work!



Squash & Zucchini Soup

This soup was a complete guessing game. I wanted some soup, I had a TON of Zucchini and Squash so I just started throwing stuff together.

In the end it turned out amazingly DELICIOUS!!

And heres how…. 🙂


3 cups Yellow Squash——————————120 Calories
3 cups Zucchini————————————63 Calories
1 cups Yellow Onion——————————64 Calories
3 Cloves Garlic————————————13 Calories
2 tsp Chilli Pepper——————————–16 Calories
1 Tbsp Basil—————————————–0 Calories
2 tsp Oregano————————————–9 Calories
1 1/3 Tbsp Parsley———————————5 Calories
1/2 Tbsp Canola Oil——————————-61 Calories
2 Chicken Bouillon Cubes———————–39 Calories
32 oz Water—————————————0 Calories

Makes 6 servings ——————————–395 Calories
1 serving = 1 cup———————————–66 Calories


Start off by making your chicken stock. Bring your eight cups of water to a slow simmer with your chicken bouillon cubes until everything is well incorporated.

While that simmers away saute your onion and garlic in your oil and spices until your onions are clear and semi-soft. (Heads up I think used more spices than the measurements I listed. Thats what happens when you just dump straight from the container)

Rough chop your squash and zucchini, I didn’t worry about size so  much because I knew it would reduce some during the simmer time and I planned on blending it for the final step.

Dump everything from your onion and garlic pan into your chicken stock along with your zucchini and squash.

Bring to a boil, reduce to medium heat and let bubble for about 20 minutes. Then cover and simmer on low for about 30 minutes. Stirring occasionally to make sure nothing sticks to the bottom of your pot.

After 30  minutes, or whenever your squash and zucchini are soft (not squishy) remove your pot from the heat and dump directly into your blender. Blend, blend, blend, blend, blend. BLEND! Until everything is super smooth, no big chunks should escape those blades!

Thats it! You’re done. You have a super fabulous, super creamy, super filling squash and zucchini soup.

Since it makes six, one cup portions at only 66 calories you just made lunch for yourself all week! (plus one to share) 🙂

Zucchini Flat Bread

During my squash filled week I was craving some bread, or something bread like.

I’m still doing no grains, so a nice piece of whole wheat toast is a out. I keep trying my hand at quick breads, flax breads, mug muffins etc… They all fail on a pretty spectacular level. But…..I remembered the success I had with the cauliflower pizza crust. SO GOOD! I thought…..maybe I could recreate that process with zucchini and make a tasty flat bread.

I sorta did!


1 large Zucchini—————————–55 Calories
2 Eggs—————————————180 Calories
3 Tbsp Flax Seed—————————140 Calories
3 Tbsp Soy Flour—————————60 Calories
1 1/2 Lemon Juice————————–6 Calories
1/2 tsp Baking Powder———————2 Calories
1/2 tsp Salt———————————–0 Calories

Makes 6 Servings—————————444 Calories

Per Zucchini Flat Bread Slice—————-74 Calories


Start off by shredding your zucchini into a microwave safe container, cover and nuke in the microwave for about 8 minuets. Strain it out into a colander, really shake as much of the moisture out as possible. Then place your strained zucchini on a thin kitchen towel. Let it sit for awhile and cool off.

While you wait beat two eggs with your baking powder, sweetener, flax seed and soy flour. Then go back to your zucchini mush. You’re going to wrap the towel up and twist and squeeze the moisture of out of your zucchini. Recreating the process from the cauliflower pizza crust. Then dump that into your egg mixture and thoroughly mix together.

On a sheet of greased wax or parchment paper spread your dough out. I tried for a rectangular shape, it was quite difficult because the dough was crazy sticky. Try to keep it consistently flat with no one spot being super thick or super thin.

After you’ve got the dough spread right pop it in the oven at 355 degrees for 15 minuets, then flip your flat bread over and bake for another 5 minutes.

Zucchini Flat Bread


Looks a lot like bread right? It does.

Score 🙂

For the size of each piece of flat bread its a sorta high calories count. However I’ve been having a hard time meeting the daily calorie requirements of the eating challenge I’m on. So my thought was…small portion of food, not feeling overly full but getting my calorie count up. Healthy calories count, lots of protein, fiber and veggies!

My favorite way of eating my flat bread was for breakfast! Check it out!


By now I’m on like day six of coming up with squash recipes. This particular dish isn’t really a recipe as much as me standing in the kitchen with squash in my hand and wondering….”What do I want to eat tonight?”

Turns out I was feeling some seafood, shrimp!

Squash Casserole

At first the squash was going to be ‘noodles’ and my shrimp and sauce was going to sautee with it. But that was a lot of work, so I thought just roast the squash and my shrimp. Put the squash in the oven, realized I didn’t want to eat dried-up-oven-roasted shrimp. Sooo…… Put the shrimp in a pan with some veggies and tomato sauce. But, still had the squash in the oven. Casserole! Done and done. Layer my ingredients up, bake it and eat it!

Wheeww! What a hassle coming up with that simple plan.


3 oz Small Shrimp—————————-100 Calories
1/4 cup Yellow Squash———————–10 Calories
1/4 cup Red Onion—————————16 Calories
1 Garlic Clove———————————-4 Calories
1 1/2 tsp Parsley——————————-2 Calories
1 tsp Cayenne Pepper————————-6 Calories
5 tsp Tomato Puree—————————12 Calories
4 tsp Cottage Cheese————————-16 Calories

Makes 1 single serving casserole————166 Calories


Coin your squash and pop in the oven, this will dry your squash a little and slightly toast the edges. In a saucepan saute your julienned onions and chopped garlic in a splash a lemon juice and water. Keep your onions and garlic moving, no burning just softened up. When your veggies are about half cooked dump your shrimp in and continue cooking. Pull your squash out of the oven and start assembling your casserole.

Find an oven safe dish and put a little bit of tomato sauce, then a layer of squash, a plop of cottage cheese, tomato sauce, more squash, more shrimp another cottage cheese and so on and so on. You know.

Put your dish on a baking sheet and slide into the oven set at 350 degrees. Cover with some wax paper and bake for 25 minutes. There should be some major bubbling with your tomato sauce and cottage cheese. Then bake uncovered for 5 minutes.

Pull your casserole out and EAT!

Squash Casserole


A regular week day night, a regular meal. Lots of yummy squash, super quick and super healthy.


3 oz Salmon——————————–100 Calories
2/3 cup Yellow Squash——————–27 Calories
2 Broccoli Stalks—————————-64 Calories
Non-Stick Spray—————————–0 Calories
Lemon Juice———————————0 Calories
McCormick Herb Spice———————0 Calories

Makes 1 serving——————————191 Calories


Chop everything up, spread out on a baking sheet, spray with your non-stick spray, sprinkle with seasoning. Bake at 350 until done.

Salmon & Squash

Quick prep, quick cook, ready to spend the evening relaxing!


Squash Eggs

Tasty, tasty breakfast!

Yet another use for the abundance of squash I was gifted.

Squash Veggie PortionsFor this I diced a bunch of veggies and evenly portioned them out to be cooked/baked/prepared when I was ready.

See my neat little baggies! –>

For the omelet above I used one of the portions, I used another later for a great salad. The other two I pre-cooked and took into the office for a hot delicious breakfast at my desk! Add some salsa and you are ready to rock all morning and feel full!

Squash Veggies


1 Egg——————————————–90 Calories
3 Tbsp Egg White Substitute—————-25 Calories
1/8 Cup Yellow Squash———————–5 Calories
1 Medium Celery Stalk————————6 Calories
1/8 Cup Red Onion—————————-8 Calories
1/8 Cup Bell Pepper—————————3 Calories
1/2 tsp Salt————————————-0 Calories
1/2 tsp Garlic Powder————————4 Calories
1/2 tsp Pepper———————————2 Calories
Makes 1 Serving
Per Serving Total ——————————146 Calories


Super easy.

Dice your veggies, portion them out.

When you’re ready to cook dump one baggie of veggies into pan.

Saute them with just a little bit of  water until slightly softened.

Then add your egg, egg white and spices.

Adding the egg whites increases the size of your omelet, adds nutrients and keeps your calorie count low.

For this yummy Sunday morning meal I added a couple little delicious extras….
Iced Coffee! One of my favs!

1 serving Squash & Veggies——————————146 Calories
3 Tbsp Cheddar Cheese————————————62 Calories
3 Cups Roast Coffee——————————————6 Calories
1 Tbsp Sweetener——————————————–0 Calories
1/8 tsp Vanilla Extract————————————-0 Calories
1 1/3 Cup Original Unsweetened Almond Milk——–40 Calories
Ice Cubes—————————————————–0 Calories


Squash Salad

Another use for your pre-portioned squash and veggies!

For this I pan cooked my veggies and dumped into an enormous salad.

Topped it with some capers and a semi-homemade salad dressing.

Delicious and crazy filling.


1 1/2 cup Baby Spinach Leaves——————————20 Calories
1 1/2 cup Iceberg Lettuce————————————15 Calories
1/8 cup Red Onion ———————————————8 Calories
1 Medium Carrot————————————————25 Calories
2 Medium Celery Stalks—————————————-14 Calories
1 Serving Squash Veggies & Egg——————————-146 Calories
1 Tbsp Canned Capers——————————————-2 Calories
2 Tbsp Oikos Roasted Red Pepper Dip————————25 Calories
1 1/2 Tbsp Lemon Juice—————————————–6 Calories

Makes 1 serving; Total ——————————————261 Calories


Chop your lettuce, dice your veggies. Cook your squash veggie and egg mixture.

Combine your Oikos dip with the lemon juice.

Throw it all on a plate and top with your capers.



It’s Saturday morning, I have my whole day ahead of me with nothing to do….

The weather is PERFECT

The patio calls my name…..

I need a cold, quick, delicious frozen breakfast

ChocoNilla SmoothieHELLO FROZEN TASTY!


1 1/4 cup Yellow Squash———————————–50 Calories
1/2 cup Unsweetened Apple Sauce———————-50 Calories
1 1/4 cup Original Unsweetened Almond Milk———37 Calories
1/2 serving Whey Protein (Vanilla Flavor) ————70 Calories
1 1/8 Tbsp Unsweetened Coco Powder——————11 Calories
2 Tbsp Splenda/Sweetenber——————————-0 Calories
1/2 tsp Imitation Vanilla ———————————-1 Calories
Ice Cubes——————————————————0 Calories

Makes 3 Servings

1 serving Total ———————————————–74 Calories


Assemble all your ingredients.

Throw them all the blender and go until smooth. Add your ice cubes.

Pour and ENJOY!

This shake made for a GREAT recovery blend after my July 4th morning run and gladiator intervals.

4th workout

You should definitely check out that exercise routine if you want to work up some serious sweat!



9 Peeled & Deveined Shrimp————————————-60 Calories
1/3 cup Yellow Squash——————————————–13 Calories
3 cups Asparagus Stir Fry—————————————–75 Calories
1 1/2 cups Baby Spinach——————————————-20 Calories
1/8 cup Red Onion————————————————–8 Calories
1 Garlic Clove——————————————————–4 Calories
1/2 tsp Fresh Ginger————————————————0 Calories
2 Tbsp Low Sodium Soy Sauce————————————10 Calories
1 tsp Chilli Pepper—————————————————8 Calories
2/3 tsp Garlic Powder———————————————-6 Calories
1/2 tsp Black Pepper————————————————2 Calories

Makes 2 servings
1 serving Total——————————————————-104 Calories


I had everything sitting out on the counter, so none of my ingredients were frozen.

Chop everything up and toss it in stove top pan, keep the heat semi-low / medium and cook thoroughly.

I’m listing this recipe because I used squash; but…… it would be better suited to the confession session page.

It didn’t taste that great.

I think honestly it was the asparagus stir fry, it was old and had freezer burn and was mushy.

But anyhow; you try everything once right!

Don’t try this one at home   🙂


Office Produce

Wouldn’t you know it; my amazing green-thumbed co-workers gave me even MORE fresh, home grown produce.

Another mammoth zucchini, two gorgeous yellow squash and a whole bunch of spicy-dicy jalapenos.

Man I am super lucky! And super stocked on fresh, organic produce!


Coming SOON!!!


Check out this delicious dessert. With two variations; frozen and baked. Includes fruit and vegetables, plus lots of protein! Best EVER!

The Attack ENDS

Hopefully you enjoyed all the different looks at using squash and zucchini. I sorta think I did pretty great at coming up with ways to use them 🙂
(pats self on back)

Hare Nutrition = Speedy Kitchen



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