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About Tortoise & Hare Body


Your Road. Your Goal. Your Accomplishment.

You choose your Goal. You choose your Road.

Goals are set to be reached and accomplished by you!

In the told and re-told fable of the Tortoise and the Hare we see the Tortoise as speedy but lazy and the Hare as slow but accomplished.

Fitness is to your body what the Tortoise is in the race.

Nutrition is to your kitchen what the Hare is in the race.

To achieve lasting fitness results for your body requires hard, steady and sweaty work; the Tortoise plodding along and winning the race.

To achieve nutrition in the kitchen you want to be quick, speedy, see instant results and have time for a nap; the Hare speedy and sleeping through the race.

Take the best of both and get a Body by Tortoise & Hare.