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Chocolate Cookie Mousse


Chocolate Cookie Mousse


Total 90 calories

Some delicious chocolate plantain cookies crumbled into my chocolate tofu mousse makes an AMAZING dessert.

Makes 10 cookies. 49 calories each

Makes 10 cookies. 49 calories each

Makes 3 servings. 54 calories each

Makes 3 servings. 54 calories each

For the mousse dump all ingredients into a blender and blend till super smooth. Then chill until ready to eat.

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Banana Cheesecake Cupcake


cupcake warsIf you know what this logo is then you’re awesome!

Just like the show, Cupcake Wars!

I have no joke been on bender/binge/marathon of cupcake wars for the last week or so.

I actually think that the universe has been sending me signals to eat cupcakes for a while now. Ok, not the universe but definitely LivingSocial has! Three cupcake coupons, three separate locations and a multitude of flavors, icings and decorations!

Really LivingSocial? REALLY?

Add this to the fact that I’ve been watching a show jam packed full of delicious, beautiful, and drool inducing cakes I MAY have been craving some cake. Ok not just craving, more like….crackhead-twitching-fully-focused-on-stuffing-my-face-with-some-calorie-loaded-goodness.


We shan’t!

Counter offer:

  • Nutritious
  • Quick
  • Easy to make
  • Sugar-free
  • Dairy free
  • Grain-free
  • Full serving of vegetable and fruit

Interested? Good!

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Grain-less Birthday Cake


Grain-less Birthday Cake



Well well well…

This has been interesting, if not always tasty.

My roommates’ BIRTHDAY is quickly approaching and I am attempting to bake him a cake!

But not just any cake….

A grain-less, sugar-free, low-calorie, moist and delicious cake.

A feat that at this moment seems slightly (very) impossible….

For the latest eating challenge that I’m doing my roomie has decided to create his own challenge and get down with Clean Eating! YAY!

Thats why this cake has so many requirements, he needs to be able to eat it while not breaking his challenge!!!

My first attempt was last night, a Chocolate Chai batter.

They were gross, even greek yogurt with splenda and vanilla extract couldn’t save them.


Today I tried an Apple Sauce, All Spice, Coffee batter.

Cupcakes #1,2 were pretty bland tasting and very wet/dense in the middle.

Cupcakes #3,4 were a little more tasty, a little more ‘dry’ but still moist and gooey feeling in the center

Cupcake #5 was the best in flavor and the closest to having the right texture and consistency but still pretty soft and mushy in the middle. #5 is the winner but I think if I try again I would add more baking powder to give the batter more lift, maybe try baking the batter in something flat so there is less thickness and density to create the mushy center. My cupcake stuck to my wrapper quite a bit but the parts that stuck were really good and crispy.



Brownie Cake

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Cumin Chicken, Pepino Melon & Raw Cheesecake



Friday Night Fun Meal

The Menu:

Main Course: Cumin Chicken, Seasoned Broccoli & Pepino Melon.

Desert: Raw Crust, Raw Chocolate Tofu Cheesecake

Cumin Chicken and Broccoli are standard issue as far as my cooking repertoire goes. Pepino Melon was something new thrown in (more on that later)

The real new and fun for this meal was the CHEESECAKE!

I’ve been researching raw crusts; most use nuts and dried fruits. There were tons of recipes and suggestions and people complaining about other people who want to eat raw and people firing back at those complainers to mind their own business. It got messy, and overwhelming.

So I decided to just wing it and make a crust with what I had in the kitchen cabinets. For the filling I just modified a chocolate tofu souffle I accidentally created a couple weeks back.



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Grapefruit Ice Cream


Delicious, Creamy, Sweet BUT Healthy!

Grapefruit Ice Cream

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