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Tortoise Fitness – Time to Work

For a while now I’ve been saying that I want to create an exercise plan or challenge for myself. workforit

I tend to be more of a; go-to-the-gym-and-figure-it-out-when-I-get-there type of sweat-ee.

Sooooo….In order to motivate I’m going to record what I do each weekday this week. Then evaluate it and create a plan for the next week.

This week happens to be great to do this because….I signed up for a free (can’t beat free) 7 day test pass to Anytime Fitness!!

Because I moved out of my apartment complex I don’t have access to the nifty little 24/7 gym they had there. My other gym membership had lapsed (no need re-up with the apartment gym).

Well; thats two places I’m ‘locked’ out of. That meant I was making due with circuits in my house, running outside and semi-slacking off.

But now it is WAY TOO HOTTTT to run outside! I mean even when the sun goes down it hovers around 90 degrees. No Thanks.

So I’m in search of a new gym. We’ll see how Anytime Fitness holds up.

That was a Tangent!!

Sweat Session Log Below. Will keep it up-to-date for this week.Sweat Session 6.10-15

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